Weber Ranch Vodka

Founded by the pioneers of Patrón Tequila, we hand select and distill 100% blue Weber agave in Jalisco, Mexico before importing to the Weber Ranch Distillery in Muenster, Texas where it is further distilled in a proprietary copper pot and column stills, filtered, and bottled.

Our exclusive process combines artisanal methods used to make tequila with the complexity of transforming agave into a premium vodka.

Starting at $29.99

The Taste


Low alcoholic note, tropical fruits and a hint of fresh agave at the end.


Fruity and sweet, green apple, pineapple with hits of citrus


Well rounded, velvety mouthfeel and clean finish.

Nutritional Facts

Additive Free
Gluten & Carb Free
0g Carbs
0g Fat
0g Sat. Fat
0g Protein
0g Sugar
0g Salt
Average analysis per 1.5 fluid ounces.
Our Vodka
  • Made exclusively from 100% Blue Weber agave
  • Naturally gluten, carb, fat and additive free
  • Multiple distillation is a slow process that honors the time agave takes to mature and develop its sugars.
  • 40% ABV | 80 proof
How to Drink

The best way to drink Weber Ranch Vodka is any way you like (as long as it’s responsibly, of course). That said, there are endless possibilities. Enjoy simply with ice or add soda and garnish with lime for the perfect Weber Ranch Water. Or mix in classic vodka and tequila cocktails, like Martinis, Cosmopolitans, Margaritas and Palomas. Visit our recipes for more inspiration.

Why Agave

The vodka category is a sea of sameness. Different bottle, clever marketing, and often exotic flavors that can serve to mask an inferior quality product. While most vodkas made from wheat, corn or potato only take a few months to produce, Blue Weber Agave slowly matures under the warm Mexican sun for approximately 7 years, before being meticulously harvested by hand. It’s this commitment to patience that cultivates a vodka of uncompromising quality, made from a noble plant.

The Bottle

Our signature bottle is inspired by the Blue Weber Agave piña and flowering stalk that emerges as a sign of maturity. Every bottle is embossed with “F.A.C. Weber 1902,” a nod to French Botanist Frédéric Albert Constantin Weber, who first cataloged this specific species of agave in 1902 during an expedition to Mexico. Each bottle is then sealed with our proprietary cork stopper that contains its own surprise.

Special Occasions

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Text us #SaddleUp to 1-940-400-1902 to be first in line for news, surprise swag and more.