Agave is Trying Something New...


100% Pure Blue Weber Agave

Ever wonder what your favorite vodka is actually made from? You should. The finest spirits are made from the finest ingredients. Out of hundreds of varieties of agave growing in Mexico, only one, Blue Weber, produces an extraordinary flavor profile essential for our premium vodka.

Takes Time

While most vodkas made from wheat, corn, or potato may only take a few months to produce, Blue Weber Agave slowly matures under the warm Mexican sun for up to 7 years, before being meticulously harvested by hand. It’s this commitment to patience that cultivates a vodka of uncompromising quality, made from a noble plant.

Crafted in Texas

We hand select and distill 100% Blue Weber Agave in Jalisco, Mexico, before importing to the Weber Ranch Distillery in Muenster, Texas, where it is combined with water from the local Trinity Aquifer, then further distilled in our bespoke copper pot and column stills, filtered, and bottled. Our exclusive process combines methods used to craft tequila with the complexity of transforming agave into a premium vodka of extraordinary character.

Naturally Better in Every Way

Blue Weber Agave is truly a gift, born of the rich soils found only in Jalisco, Mexico. From garden to glass, we are naturally 100% gluten, carb, and additive free, yielding a superior spirit that simply put, is better in every way.

A Toast to Honor

Every bottle is embossed with “F.A.C. Weber 1902,” a nod to French Botanist Frédéric Albert Constantin Weber, who first cataloged this specific species of agave in 1902 during an expedition to Mexico.

It’s an Open Invitation 

From the moment you remove the proprietary cork stopper emblazoned with our distinctive WR monogram, you’ll be transported to the truly special world of Weber Ranch. Flip the coin on the stopper top to reveal a unique QR code to gain special access to join The Ranch and saddle up for surprise and delight.

Not All Agave Grows Up To Be Tequila...

Join the Ranch

Text us #SaddleUp to 1-940-400-1902 or scan the QR Code, to be first in line for news, surprise swag and more.

Text us #SaddleUp to 1-940-400-1902 to be first in line for news, surprise swag and more.